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Anna's Linens

A home goods retailer's secret to a jaw-dropping online sales boost.

Anna's Linens operates more than 300 stores and relies on thousands of sales associates to help customers find the high-value home goods they'll buy. Online, one man is responsible for overseeing all of that shopping activity—Lance Stern.

In 2013, Lance knew he needed to bring a 28 year-old brand into the internet age. As he saw it, the company's customer base, though loyal, was hesitant to buy online.

"Our consumers are not entirely comfortable purchasing goods over the Internet and they worry about safety and security."

- Lance Stern, Director of Ecommerce, Anna's Linens

Gaining trust helps gain sales.

Lance realized that for many customers, buying online was a new and therefore uncertain experience. He needed a way to make them feel safe shopping online, "to keep them on our site and prevent shopping cart abandonment." After looking around for solutions, he turned to McAfee SECURE certification.

As part of his big online sales push, Lance began displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark on annaslinens.com. The trustmark lets customers know the site they're on is tested and certified to be safe, which gives them the confidence to buy.

And the trustmark did just that. After running an A/B test, Lance found that increased online sales by 18.7%. Even more impressively, mobile sales increased by 35%!

"The impact on revenue is huge… Our testing showed an increase in sales conversions near 20 percent—and over 30 percent for tablet users—thanks to the McAfee SECURE service."

- Lance Stern, Director of Ecommerce, Anna's Linens

Brand matters.

While looking for a way to make his customers feel safe, Lance came across many companies that offered security seals. Though he ultimately chose McAfee SECURE certification because of the sales boost, Lance also appreciated the global recognition of the McAfee brand. He noted, "We are excited to have the McAfee brand working for us, instilling confidence in our customers so they will follow through on their purchases."

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Anna's Linens

Founded in 1987, Anna's Linens is a low-cost, high-value home goods retailer that operates more than 300 stores in 21 US states and Puerto Rico.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
18.7% online sales increase
35% mobile sales increase

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