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How one of the nation's largest candy retailers protected its brand and >boosted online sales.

CandyFavorites.com is one of the oldest web-based candy stores around. As President, Jon H. Prince is responsible for everything from scooping candy to growing the family business and, above all, maintaining the company's hard-earned reputation for flawless customer service.

Though the website had been around for over a decade, in 2008 Jon was becoming increasingly worried. Identity theft and online threats were growing concerns, threatening CandyFavorites.com customer-first brand.

"If people don't feel comfortable shopping on our site, not only will they not buy, they won't associate our company with top customer service."

Jon H. Prince, President, CandyFavorites.com

At the bottom of customer service is trust.

Jon realized that feeling safe was integral to online customer service - and one that he couldn't deliver internally. After researching his options, he discovered that the McAfee SECURE service not only gives his customers a sense of security online, but by doing so would also result in a sales increase.

To test the service, Jon began displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark to 50% of visitors to CandyFavorites.com. The trustmark lets customers know the site they're on is tested and certified to be safe, which gives them the confidence Jon felt they were missing.

The McAfee SECURE trustmark did a whole lot more than that. The test showed that displaying the trustmark resulted in a 7.5% sales boost for CandyFavorites.com. Needless to say, Jon was thrilled.

"An extra 7.5 percent in orders adds up to a lot of revenue. It also means that 7.5 percent more of our site visitors experienced the feeling of exemplary customer service, which, for our company, is how we measure success."

Jon H. Prince, President, CandyFavorites.com

Brand matters.

When asked why he chose McAfee over its competitors, Prince said it was never a serious question. "There are other security seals out there but none has the cachet of the McAfee brand... Being associated with such a state-of-the-art company enhances our online reputation and serves to further strengthen the customer experience."

"The money spent on the McAfee SECURE service is minimal compared with losing customers who feel insecure."

Jon H. Prince, President, CandyFavorites.com

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Candy Favorites

Founded in 1927, the McKeesport Candy Co. is one of the largest wholesale distributors of candy in the nation. Their website, CandyFavorites.com, launched in 1997.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
7.5% online sales increase

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