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How a B2B folder boutique achieved a double-digit increase in quote requests.

Company Folders is a folder boutique that sells to everyone from local businesses to corporate goliaths like Sony and Hershey's. Their chief business channel is their website, where customers can request quotes for bulk folders of almost any variety.

The CEO and founder, Vladimir Gendelman, knew that as a small, relatively new company, gaining the trust of potential clients—even to do something like requesting a quote—could be a challenge.

"Getting users to request quotes from our website was often difficult, especially when we were just starting out and didn't have a long history to establish trust. Many clients won't even consider making a purchase unless they know for sure that their information will be secure."

- Vladimir Gendelman, CEO, Company Folders, Inc.

A "seal of approval" goes a long way

Because he wanted his business to grow quickly, Vladimir knew he couldn't spend the years it often takes to build a sturdy reputation. He needed a leg up—and fast. In 2012, when he began looking into security seals, he found "McAfee SECURE on other websites whose authority we respect, so we wanted to learn more."

Ultimately, he decided to go with the McAfee SECURE certification because it lets his customers know "they'll be secure whenever they buy from us...giving our clients much greater confidence in our company, brand, and website."

Testing the service

Like any good businessman, Vladimir decided to test the impact of the McAfee SECURE service himself. He began displaying the certification trustmark in the footer of his site. The certification trustmark reassures people that the site they're on is safe to do business with, and as Vladimir pointed out, with McAfee's strong brand cachet, acts like a trusted advisor to consumers.

He was happily surprised when he discovered displaying the certification trustmark resulted in a 7.96% increase in quote requests!

When he checked these new results, Vladimir was stunned. Displaying both the certification trustmark and the engagement trustmark resulted in a jaw-dropping 11.57% increase!

"McAfee SECURE is an absolute must-have. It's a necessity for any business that wants to be taken seriously when it comes to the safety and privacy of their clients."

- Vladimir Gendelman, CEO, Company Folders, Inc.

Brand matters.

On top of the increased business from website conversions, one of the key draws for Vladimir was McAfee's strong brand recognition. "We're a smaller business," he said, "so having a 'seal of approval' from a large company like McAfee helps to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to security."

Anna's Linens

Founded in 2003, Company Folders, Inc. is the ultimate folder boutique with the largest selection of folder styles, stocks, coatings, foils, imprint methods and more.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
11.97% increase in quote requests

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