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ID Card Group

What a supplier of ID card materials did to get more online sales.

Based in Sacramento, CA, the ID Card Group is a B2B supplier of materials and equipment needed to make identification cards. As President of the ID Card Group, Mark Soeth oversees everything from marketing to sales to generating new business.

In 2008, Mark began to grow worried. His customers had no way of telling if www.idcardgroup.com was a safe website, especially in search engine results where most of his traffic came from. And because he sells security-related products, being seen as unsafe could seriously damage Mark's business.

Mark needed to project a trustworthy, reliable, and secure company because his customers expect the same from his product.

Succeed in search, succeed in sales.

While trying to find some way to reassure his customers, Mark found a few companies offering security seals. But what made the McAfee SECURE service stand out was that it highlights certified sites in the search results of tens of millions of people.

"The visibility of the McAfee SECURE trustmark, particularly through its annotation of search results in SiteAdvisor, intrigued me very strongly," said Mark. "Anything that can help you stand out as a search engine marketer usually makes you money."

To test the service, Mark displayed the trustmark to 50% of www.idcardgroup.com's visitors. The trustmark lets website visitors know that a site is tested and certified to be safe - exactly what Mark was after.

When the results came in, Mark was stunned, but very happy. The test showed that displaying the trustmark increased online sales by 9.9%

"The McAfee SECURE service delivers such a strong ROI that I just wish we had done this earlier."

- Mark Soeth, President, ID Card Group

Brand matters.

Mark adds that, on top of the sales boost and search annotation, he chose McAfee SECURE certification because of its strong brand identity: "We've gained a huge amount of positive brand association by using the same trustmark big national chain store retailers use."

ID Card Group

The ID Card Group is a Sacramento, CA based supplier of materials and equipment needed to produce identification cards for all levels of security.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
9.9% online sales increase

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