Case Study

How a company that needed to look safe in search results earned trust from new customers.

Lone Wolf
Firearm parts & accessories

Founded in 1988, Lone Wolf sells firearms parts and accessories. In this business, companies aren't allowed to advertise on major search engines, so organic search traffic is everything. Further, firearms customers are loyal but difficult to convert initially. That's why Lone Wolf sought a service that would help win cautious first-time buyers while also delivering superior web traffic.

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When Rob Hansel, general manager of the firm, heard about the McAfee SECURE service, he was intrigued—not only because it increases sales by certifying sites as safe, but also because certified sites are highlighted in the search results of tens of millions of people. When he ran an A/B test of the service on his site, he found that displaying the trustmarks increased sales 14.44%!

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