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How a stock footage CEO stopped doubting, swapped security seals, and increased his paid subscriptions along the way.

Videoblocks.com is a royalty-free stock footage company that has over 100,000 downloads every week. Joel Holland is a serial entrepreneur who founded the site, and today he's a one-man business development machine for the company.

When he learned about McAfee SECURE certification in 2011, he was skeptical that the trustmark could help his website.

Videoblocks.com was already using a security seal, and Joel didn't think a different one would make a difference.

Although he was expecting little to no difference, Joel was stunned by the results. Displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark produced an extra 4,000 sales than displaying the other seal. As Joel said, "the trustmark produced 10 percent more sales conversions than the other vendor's icon and at least 12 percent more conversions than no security icon at all."

"I have tested lots of friction-reducing solutions and McAfee SECURE stands out above the rest. Adding the McAfee SECURE trustmark creates trust, which is what ultimately drives shoppers to follow through on their purchase."

- Joel Holland, Founder, Videoblocks.com

Brand matters.

After that test, Joel became a believer. He now recognizes that part of the strength of McAfee SECURE certification is widespread brand recognition. "I had totally underestimated the benefit of the McAfee SECURE service... Everyone is a little uneasy about downloading files, so we boldly stamp the McAfee SECURE trustmark on each page to convey that your downloads are safe. We put it on our guarantee page. The McAfee name makes customers feel safe, but the benefit goes beyond just a logo."


Founded in 2010, VideoBlocks is a subscription-based stock footage company.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
12% online sales increase

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