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What a lifestyle retailer did to see a double-digit sales boost.

Tech companies aren't the only ones that start out in garages: that's how Z Gallerie, a lifestyle retailer with 55 locations across the country and an online showroom, began in 1979. Today, Steven Kartstein heads up Z Gallerie's online operations and is responsible for everything from the site layout to marketing.

By 2007, the online store was the company's biggest sales channel, and Steven knew he needed to treat it differently. He suddenly realized that security concerns were affecting zgallerie.com's visitors in ways he hadn't previously considered.

"I knew people were worried about credit card and identity theft. But it didn't click with me how we could communicate with our customers that their Z Gallerie shopping experience was safe."

- Steven Kartstein, Head of Online Operations, Z Gallerie

Let them know you're safe and they'll spend.

Because the website was safe, Steven hadn't paid much attention to the security concerns of zgallerie.com's visitors. But he soon realized that visitors had no way of knowing this, and it was costing Z Gallerie business. When he heard about McAfee SECURE certification in 2008, he was intrigued the service could not only make visitors feel safe, but deliver a sales increase to boot.

To test out the service, Steven decided to run an A/B test where 50% of zgallerie.com's visitors would see the McAfee SECURE trustmark. The trustmark lets customers know the site they're on is tested and certified to be safe, free from malware, viruses, and more.

When he got the results of the test back, Steven had only one word to describe his feeling; "disbelief." He was stunned because displaying the trustmark increased online sales by 12.9%.

"You're costing yourself sales by not doing it. You're driving customers to your competitors. Using the McAfee SECURE service is a no brainer."

- Steven Kartstein, Head of Online Operations, Z Gallerie


Founded in 1979 by a trio of Southern California siblings, Z Gallerie grew to become a lifestyle retailer selling furniture, lighting, art and more in 55 stores across 18 states. Their website, zgallerie.com, launched in 2002.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark, they saw:
12.9% online sales increase

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