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Build Happiness Today produces the Happiness Builder Program, a neurologically based self-help program using unique 3-D blocks and exercises to help people live happier lives.
A carefully curated collection that helps calm the many storms that life sends our way! We have sensory tools, "chewelry" and fidgets of all kinds. We also carry items to help calm your environment at home, on the road and at work or school. As educators we have worked with youth who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and students with Autism and other special learning needs. We understand how everyone has different triggers and that we all need support just to get through the next five minutes sometimes! We also value quiet times and the many benefits of meditation, yoga, and general fitness to our physical and emotional well-being. Take some time to browse our collection. We look forward to helping you fill your Chill Tool kit!
Offers Life Empowerment; Financial; Transition and Energy Coaching. Conec's signature Life coaching program LIFE JOURNEY 50+ was created for Baby Boomers (People 50 and over) to enjoy a HAPPY; PROSPEROUS and FULFILLED life. This program consists of a suite of unique coaching services, energetic social events, media, a customized journal and sanctuary products, to ensure you enjoy the life you always dreamed of.
Our purpose for helping thousands of Americans quickly and easily get all negative items deleted from your credit report at a low-cost is because our financial life revolves around credit and if you don't have a lot of spare cash, you won't be able to acquire assets and build wealth to pass down to your children. You know you should have good credit, wealth and abundance.
Offering you a full line of dating and relationship e-books with instant access!
Who is going to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself? Death education includes talks on end of life options, advanced directives workshop, Death Cafes and funeral planning.
We will blog what we wish to blog. It can be good for you. Maybe bad for you. Honestly We don't give a damn. It can be just some personal stuff or views. It could be some random post out of nowhere. If by chance you viewed our page and wish to kepo on our
Women's Empowerment Therapy & Leadership Coaching Services. Karina provides solution-focused therapeutic, leadership and career coaching services to individuals, groups, and organizations. For Individuals: Karina provides humanistic & solution-focused psychotherapy and leadership empowerment coaching to help women understand their thoughts and feelings, gain a sense of their meaning in life, and reach self-actualization. Treatment: Codependency ~ Depression ~ Life & Career Counseling ~ Relationship Issues ~ Stress Management ~ Self Esteem ~ Coping Skills. Karina uses an array of proven-results coaching tools such as targeted coaching questionnaires, individualized values, career, & leadership assessments to help you create: -Intended outcomes. -Setting Goals & Objectives. -Individualized framework to assist in accomplishments. -Ongoing support throughout the coaching program.
This site introduces Neimology Science: the study of the placement of the letters in a name and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one's character. When asked who we are, we respond with our names, as if that says it all. Indeed it does when you know how to interpret a name. Analyzing a person's name is being used by HR companies when hiring, by lawyers when preparing a case and for jury selection, and by individuals who wish to improve their relationships and/or find out more about their purpose. Also offered is information on the first book in the Know the Name series titled: "Know The Name; Know The Person; Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden In Names"
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