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A Little Something Different: Handcrafted Jewelry by Vermont Artisan Dorothea Alter
Handcrafted Pens and Woodcrafts
unique and original handcrafted beaded jewelry created by artist Nancy Butler is owned by Vickie Jernigan (owner of, who is the designer for all products made by marbling, a Turkish art form.
AtticTreasuresByJudy is a combination of new and formerly owned art, collectibles, books, clothing, craft booklets, craft supplies, dolls, fabric, felting supplies, handmade creations, home decor, invitations and greeting cards, magazines, mixed media arts materials, sewing patterns, and paper ephemera. Crafters, upcyclers, and recyclers will need new products to bring new life to formerly owned products. But not all customers are interested in this side of life; they would like to buy new products or completed projects by others. The formerly owned items are found in anyone's attic, garage, and basement--cast offs because the owner lost interest in the item, the item needs repair, or the owner has passed away. Regardless of the origination of the items at, all items are quality products whether new or formerly owned. Items not purchased at auction are purchased through quality vendors.
Este es un sitio para contar ms cosas sobre el poemario Almagua y el trabajo sonoro que lleva el mismo nombre. Libro-cd
Home of personalized items, from phone cases, pillow covers, bed covers, shoes, bags, socks, and even seat covers. Almost everything that can be a canvas for art.
One Complete Suite of application for the photographers to share and get the proofing done
Amazing Annabelle is a 3rd grader who lives in Long Island, New York. She is excited about school and learning new things. She is driven to always be the very best at everything she sets out to do in her life. Annabelle is motivated and determined to reach the highest heights in all her endeavors. In each book of the Amazing Annabelle Series, youll see Annabelle participating in different life lessons involving, but not limited to, bonding, brainstorming, bullying, discovery, encouraging others, defending others and self, and most of all, problem solving. Annabelle often confronts the challenges that come with working within groups and dealing with the different dynamics and personality issues. She always strives to make things work together for good.
The Youth Excellence on Stage (YES) Academy program serves as American Voices' flagship cultural engagement program, as a means to further accessibility and understanding of American performing arts and culture. The YES Academy program was launched in 2007 to connect and inspire youth in areas of the world that lack opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue with the United States. The YES Academy program provides high-quality professional training and performances in some of America's great cultural genres, including Broadway, Jazz, Hip Hop & Breakdance and Classical Orchestra to work to inspire and motivate youth artistically and train future teachers and leaders. Through the YES Academy program, we are able to offer creative outlets of empowerment to the lives of so many vulnerable youth from countries in transition.
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