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We have reinvented London's pro dance training experience and welcome you to learn, work, love, and grow with us at ONYX. A new age in artistry calls for a dance studio that understands the community's needs and makes achievements through patience, wisdom, and care. We are Europe's leading, brightest, hardest working, international artists taking the world stage by storm. Our vision is simple... Create the biggest and best possible space to make dance what it should be: Another reason to be yourself.
Your Art Studio offers classes, lessons, and services for multiple art forms. We have a recording studio to record music of all types. We offer lessons on real tattooing, painting, drawing, sculpting, beat making, recording arts. We offer instrument lessons for piano, guitar, and bass. We have a silk-screening section to print your own t-shirts and backdrops for you take take your own professional photos or film video. You can also sew your own stuffed animals and even make your own jewelry. We have something for everyone. We have art forms of all kinds. Come paint, draw, sculpt, use our instruments or computers for FREE any time...
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