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Amazon, Kobo & iTunes bestselling author in "historical novels" in Italy. Romance, comedy, horror, history.
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Get all the Latest News From Actress/ Producer Cherrae L. Stuart
Halloween Fun Scare International Online Haunted House. This is a bizarrely frequently visited and frighteningly scary. Fun all year round scary place where your nightmare begins.
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Magician Matt Colman is one of England's best magicians. He's worked for some of the world's biggest companies. Book him for your next corporate event, wedding or party, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Birmingham, London, Top UK Close Up Table Magician
author of Resurrected Has-Beens, a dark comedy heist novel. From the first words of the book, "Knox stretched his head forward as he put his hands on his knees and puked like a shit-faced sorority girl whod spent the night knocking back appletinis." you know the book is going hilarious and you can't put down. Knox Parker is his worst own enemy. Its been ten years since high school and the thing he has used most since graduation is a wooden clothespin; as a marijuana roach clip. A onetime bigshot athlete with a bright future to a could have been, nowadays loser. In a drunken stupor, he succumbs to the fact that the only thing keeping him from succeeding in life is himself. Now all he must do is get his two best friends on board with his bona fide plan and they can all lose their moniker, Has-Beens and do something besides getting stoned. The author is Cherokee and has been called the next Hunter S. Thompson with his gonzo styled comedic delivery.
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