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Actress, Author, Model, Filmmaker and Domestic Violence Advocate.. Author of the book " Survivors Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence"
I'd like for you to connect with me. I'm an author. Peculiar. Dreamer. Gardener. Cook. Eclectic hobbyist. My best job: the wife of an amazing man and the mother of a precious daughter.
Patience Grffin is an award winning author who writes stories of home, heart and community.
This site is specifically for indie Christian book reviews, but you can also find a list of other indie reviewers.
La autora Irma Miranda por ms de 30 aos se ha dedicado a escribir reflexiones y poemas cristianos inspirados por la Palabra de Dios. Tambin ha publicado el libro Perlitas de Amor, una recopilacin especial de reflexiones y poemas cristianos que vienen a dar vida, paz y esperanza a todas las personas que sientan la necesidad de nutrir el alma.
Revista Familia este o instituie cultural nfiinat de Iosif Vulcan, la Budapesta, n 1865, avnd drept program rspndirea culturii romne n Transilvania i cultivarea limbii i a contiinei naionale. Ea a fost, n urma dispariiei Foii pentru minte, inim i literatur a lui George Bariiu, cea mai nsemnat revist romneasc din Ungaria n a doua jumtate a secolului al XIX-lea, devenind, n scurt timp, o tribun a ntregii literaturi romneti, o emblem a identitii culturale naionale. Revista a cunoscut de-a lungul timpului cinci serii, indiferent de serie, n paginile Familiei au fost publicai cei mai importani scriitori romni, revista fiind considerat una dintre cele mai valoroase publicaii culturale romneti. ncepnd cu 1991, revista organizeaz n fiecare an Zilele Revistei Familia, cu participarea unor scriitori din ntreaga ar adevrate srbtori ale culturii, n cadrul crora se acord i Premiile Revistei Familia.
Rising Intent produces literary and artistic work of the highest quality, integrity and intent. Our mission is to embody and encourage the rise of consciousness and well-being in a continually evolving world. Creations produced by Rising Intent are open-minded and positively oriented; they resonate with the awakening knowledge of humanitys potential for greatness. The perspectives offered represent a balance between science and spirituality, the synchrony of matter with essence, a deep respect for the natural world, and harmony between peoples of all cultures and creeds.
Author, Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate, Energy Healer, Lightworker and Ordained Minister Through writing, speaking and healing, my spiritual mission is to enlighten, inspire and motivate others regarding spiritual and personal growth as well as to raise awareness encouraging social growth in the world.
Writer and cryptoscatologist. Prizewinning short stories. Published author. Academic and researcher into spectral landscapes and local ghosts. PhD in English and Creative Writing.
An audio almanac of the uprooted life of Santiago. Thorn denoted perils with love, loss, and lies. Milled by an ambiguous nature of nostalgic themes and sounds, Santiago, sown fantasy and reality, bloomed. A Wall Flower.
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