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Multidiscipline Creative - Author and Artist
Amazon, Kobo & iTunes bestselling author in "historical novels" in Italy. Romance, comedy, horror, history.
Through this Branch of Rising Intent's Production Company, we will introduce you to fresh creative works by both new and seasoned artists. While the pieces selected will be in keeping with our mission to increase joy and harmony, they will by no means be escapist or superficial. One may highlight the beauty of the natural world, while another may delve deeply into the nature of reality; one may represent a distinctly human experience, while another may help us rise above our every-day concerns. When combined, they are meant to inspire an awe for life and an appreciation of our higher purpose.
Connecting The Dots LLC is devoted to seeking and learning and disseminating truth, in many different forms. We hope to reach the world via published books and articles and conducting workshops, seminars and training.
CP Harrington's collected works and random scribbles.
Site oficial do selo editorial Elemental Editorao
Determined to end the bounty on his head, Ace sets out on a journey into the bloody unknown in the Western graphic novel Graven Circle.
For every woman who has ever felt belittled, mishandled, unloved, unwanted, or just unfit to wear the crown...we are here for you. I Am Enough is an image consultation company dedicated to providing a platform for other women to step into their destiny. Don't allow your past pain to haunt you, instead take the lessons learned and let it launch you...into purpose. Come on, let us show you how to live in the overflow. The first step is having to know: I AM ENOUGH!
Fast paced, highly entertaining and disturbingly thought provoking. Indigo Child is a memoir of sorts, the compelling story of a courageous dreamer and his curious journey of discovery and transformation. Serial Entrepreneurship is redefined as this indigo child exposes his heart, experiences and lessons in a vulnerable, candid and hilarious account of his Hero's journey. The storytelling is poetic, unorthodox and unapologetic, and likely to leave your jaw wide open with unusual analogies and questions about beliefs, values and concepts that range from heritage and ethnicity, to time, to how you view failure, to the very fabric of reality. Love him or hate him, Malcolm will get the wheels of your mind turning to consider your own Call to Adventure.
Welcome to Jamila Mikhail's official author website! Buy books, stay up to date on new releases and access online-only content!
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