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Revista Familia este o instituie cultural nfiinat de Iosif Vulcan, la Budapesta, n 1865, avnd drept program rspndirea culturii romne n Transilvania i cultivarea limbii i a contiinei naionale. Ea a fost, n urma dispariiei Foii pentru minte, inim i literatur a lui George Bariiu, cea mai nsemnat revist romneasc din Ungaria n a doua jumtate a secolului al XIX-lea, devenind, n scurt timp, o tribun a ntregii literaturi romneti, o emblem a identitii culturale naionale. Revista a cunoscut de-a lungul timpului cinci serii, indiferent de serie, n paginile Familiei au fost publicai cei mai importani scriitori romni, revista fiind considerat una dintre cele mai valoroase publicaii culturale romneti. ncepnd cu 1991, revista organizeaz n fiecare an Zilele Revistei Familia, cu participarea unor scriitori din ntreaga ar adevrate srbtori ale culturii, n cadrul crora se acord i Premiile Revistei Familia.
The Literature Hub was primarily a site for book reviews, but we have since expanded to cater to a bigger audience. We wanted The Literature Hub to encompass as much of the literary world as possible. And so our team is about diving into the realms of various stories, surrounding ourselves with numerous experiences, and encouraging avid writers to add their own creations. Not only do we read books front to back and look with a critical eye, but we learn and grow as each word passes by. We would like to extend that to you, because right here at The Literature Hub, you can surround yourself with knowledge, experience, and the world of imagination.
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