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Sala Muzik, which started selling musical instruments under the name of trirmusic in 2006, had three-fourth of its sales to abroad and one-fourth to Turkey in 10 years. Based on the experience it gained during this period, it also started making musical instruments with the brand name Sala. Sala Muzik, using Only Professional as a slogan for the brand Sala, produces only professional musical instruments. It works with the best musical instrument makers in Turkey and gives lifetime warranty for the instruments it Our some products: Oud, Darbuka, Riq, Santoor, Setar, Tar, Kanun, Saz, Baglama, Tar, Kamanche
E learning membership website for acoustic guitar players who require personal coaching. All video lessons are taught with clarity and patience by site owner Drue James.
Top quality, FREE UK delivery, Large variety of full size violin cases, hard violin cases, fiberglass violin cases, 30 day money back GUARANTEE. Buy in confidence today.
Shyla Dorman, DJ Producer, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. musician
The Hug Strap is a versatile ukulele strap that requires no strap buttons but gives the user full, hands free support. It does not use hooks or adhesives, is fully adjustable, comes in designer fabrics, and secures around the waist of the ukulele. We now offer a patent pending All in One Hug Strap as well, that will work with strap buttons or without strap buttons, as well as on banjoleles and mandolins. All Hug Straps are proudly made in the USA.
WAVE Violin Chinrest- A revolutionary new chinrest, matching the balance of the body to the balance of the violin. Developed by a violinist, in conjunction with an Alexander Technique teacher, the WAVE allows the player's head to reach its natural support point, freeing up the upper body muscles, increasing tone, comfort, and range of motion, and decreasing pain, loss of motion, and injury. The WAVE comes in a variety of sizes, from 3/8" to 1.5", accommodating almost any neck height. Two different models, with a higher lip, and a low lip, allow for a grippier feel and a smoother feel. It's time for a change- come visit us today!
Our mission is to support and expand the ukulele community. A percentage of every sale goes toward the donation of ukuleles to underprivileged children worldwide.
This is Vadim Poyaskov personal web-site. Vadim is professional working on Big Enterprise IT Architecture design, Cloud Computing design and Information security solutions. Also Vadim is private pilot. Here is some materials about how to become a pilot and how to get experienced pilot skills, such as Night rating, Instrument Flying rating and so. Here is how to get prepared for the every flight - cross-country flight planing, weather observation.
Wrexham Guitar Has been around for nearly 30 years making and repairing Guitar Bass and Acoustics Archtops Ukulele etc From a basic string replacement to a full custom build Contact Yan on 07480622919 or email at also facebook Twitter
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