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The original apple pencil featuring graphite and color twig pencils.
Artem Shypulya MC afee secure
Jamaal Durr offers prints and original works of fine art, as well as custom apparel and accessories.
Online marketplace for everything made in Jamaica.
Art material and ressources supply
Jeremiah Page was born in Philadelphia, Pa. Visual artist, Photographer and illustrator. Owner and Designer of New School Nation Clothing Company. ART!
Natalie Colleen Gates - Paintings, Prints, Drawings, and Blog - Natalie Colleen Gates in an artist and oil painter who lives in Richmond, VA. Since 2016, her work has been focused on painting the scenery and architecture of Richmond. Natalie earned a BFA Cum Laude from VCU Painting and Printmaking, and studied at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. She has participated in juried art shows at Artworks Richmond, and Crossroads Art Center. Her paintings depict buildings, landscapes and nature in an urban setting. The repeating patterns in architecture and other manmade objects; like cars and power-lines, is a visual language that she returns to often. She uses this language to depict urban settings that are often absent of people or juxtaposed with nature. Natalie is interested in the similarities between cityscape and landscape.
Nornir's Corner is Susan Hintz-Epstein's WordPress blog for Intuitive Rune Interpretation and Pet Portraits by Susan. Susan takes a scholar's approach to learning the Runes, and is currently working on a book about her experiences with the Norse Goddesses, goddesses that she calls the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty for their common sense approach to the inner work for spiritual evolution. Susan has training in Reiki, the Gurdjieff method, and is a Mesa carrier.
Colin specialises in Pet Portraits, Pet Portraits Art which include portraits of dogs(Portraits of dogs in pastel or pencil), portraits of cats and portraits of horses using only quality pastel or pencil on acid proof paper.
Experience the breathtaking beauty of the UK's hidden rural wilderness, drawn in pencil and pastel by artist Tarryn Winfield.
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