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Spear Gear was created by individuals with military and police experience who have operated in the field with sub-standard equipment. Also as instructors we look for the most durable and cost effective gear available. We are in it to save lives first.
AIRS - Aerial Insights Reporting System, system for reporting solar farm panels abnormalities/defects. Visual tool for processed data from solar farm inspections.
Welcome to Innovative Solutions, a sister concern of Automotive Solutions (TM). We are an end to end paint solution company offering superior performance coatings for the Automotive Industry, Industrial Applications, and Aviation Industry. We give our clients the guarantee and value for money. Our guarantee comes with the warranty. At Automotive Solutions, we deliver world class coatings. Our products adhere to the guidelines set forth as per the international standard norms. Automotive Solutions maintain safety standards during the paint applications. We proffer the paints that meet clients requirements and give them the satisfaction.
Our vision for the creation, development and subsequent running of the company is best described in its mission statement below: To endeavor to become the global leader in the services we provide, by providing a service of excellence and integrity, while ensuring a high degree of safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness".
Authorized electronics distributor for Apex Microtechnology, Sanyou Relays, Ole Wolff, Panjit Components and Quectel.
LogicalCommander is a software company dedicated to program, innovate, develop and integrate state of the art technologies with multiple sensors and sources of data, from structured and unstructured sources, while processing , fusing and presenting under an advanced uix fusion of multiple source and data into our smart and state of the art platform throughout advanced algorithmic, AI, big data processing and machine learning. LogicalCommander allow our customers to improve in an outstanding way their capabilities, improve considerably their knowledge thanks to fusion of technologies, sensors and data. In this way reduce investing and budgetary costs on solutions and technologies during the years, while LogicalCommander aims to generate to our customers to maintain their technologies during the years, integrating new ones but allowing "old technologies" to do not turn into obsoletes. In a simple sentence: LogicalCommander "squeezes the juice" to provide the maximum from every unit, prod
Skynex Industrial Drones is an affiliate the parent company Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. Skynex Industrial Drones specializes in providing commercial and industrial UAV/UAS solutions to customers around the world. Skynex Industrial Drones and Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Skynex Industrial Drones and Skynex Global Drones are organized and governed exclusively under the federal and provincial laws of Canada. As an e-commerce store, the business and affairs of Skynex Industrial Drones transcend national boarders. Skynex Industrial Drones is committed to finding the right UAV/UAS solutions for its clients, and to making UAV/UAS drones more accessible to the public for commercial and/or industrial ends. For more information about Skynex Industrial Drones or Skynex Global Drones, visit our the general Skynex Global Drones store:
We are your Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Solutions Experts. Combining cutting edge 3D Printing technology and years of traditional manufacturing experience, Evolv3D produces highly detailed, quality parts. Evolv3D uses the latest additive manufacturing processes to build parts in many different metals and plastics. Processes include Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Direct Metal Printing (DMP), PolyJet 3D Printing. Evolv3D provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing products and solutions across a broad range of industries. Clients are able to bring their ideas and concepts to life using a broad selection of Additive Manufacturing machines, technologies and materials with equipment and materials from 3D Systems. Our offering includes ISO 9001:2015 certification and Controlled Goods Registration and we are an authorized re-seller of 3D Systems products.
UKAS accredited calibration laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025 for fluid flow and gas flow calibration and air velocity calibration services. Thermal fluid testing laboratory for heat exchanger calorimetric testing, automotive component durability testing, aviation heat exchanger testing and component cleanliness with microscopic particle analysis. The UKAS accredited laboratory specializes in airflow calibration, anemometer calibration, low flow water meter calibration, air velocity calibration and pressure calibration for oxygen clean pressure gauges.
XiDrone Systems Inc. is a technology based, developmental stage, Florida Corporation that was established in July 2014. We identified early on the need to produce a multi-sensor counter drone solution and subsequently filed for our first patent in December of 2014. XiDrone Systems Inc. is proud to have been issued the first Multi-Sensor Counter sUAS patents in the U.S. with patent pending status in Europe. Deterrent for UAS U.S. Patent No 9689976, issued June 27, 2017 Continuation in Part (CIP) U.S. Patent, Notice of Allowance, issued June 9, 2017 Our technology sets the standard in the counter drone industry through multiple patents within the U.S. and Europe. We strongly encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our current and future multi-sensor counter UAS technologies.
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