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DroneZon is all about the World of drones. This website features articles on drone technology, knowledge, innovation, latest UAV news, drone reviews and some terrific drone videos of amazing scenery from around the globe.
Universidad enfocada a la educacion Aeronautica especializada en: Avionica, Mantenimiento y Manufactura de Aeronaves en los modelos de Tecnico Superior Universitario e Ingenieria
Flyhoward Ltd provides software solutions for the aviation industry including a JAA Pilot logbook program and SQLCE database viewer software.
Unmanned Hiring Services acts as a recruiting firm for companies filling open RPA jobs. UHS is perfect for transitioning military or civilian contractors.
Skynex Industrial Drones is an affiliate the parent company Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. Skynex Industrial Drones specializes in providing commercial and industrial UAV/UAS solutions to customers around the world. Skynex Industrial Drones and Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Skynex Industrial Drones and Skynex Global Drones are organized and governed exclusively under the federal and provincial laws of Canada. As an e-commerce store, the business and affairs of Skynex Industrial Drones transcend national boarders. Skynex Industrial Drones is committed to finding the right UAV/UAS solutions for its clients, and to making UAV/UAS drones more accessible to the public for commercial and/or industrial ends. For more information about Skynex Industrial Drones or Skynex Global Drones, visit our the general Skynex Global Drones store:
AIRS - Aerial Insights Reporting System, system for reporting solar farm panels abnormalities/defects. Visual tool for processed data from solar farm inspections.
The Aircraft TAC-003 is targeted towards huge connectivity potential with existing 400 airstrips. The Aircraft TAC-003 is capable of connecting all the districts of India. This makes TAC-003 the first aircraft designed for India.
Leading Worldwide Distributor of UAV, Drone, Multirotor, Quadcopter systems including parts and accessories. Most major brands including Yuneec, Autel, DJI, Walkera, Itelite, CasePro plus many more. Providing parts to the military, agriculture, mining, construction, law enforcement, real estate, photography and insurance.
Middle East and North Africa Society of Air Safety Investigators
UKAS accredited calibration laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025 for fluid flow and gas flow calibration and air velocity calibration services. Thermal fluid testing laboratory for heat exchanger calorimetric testing, automotive component durability testing, aviation heat exchanger testing and component cleanliness with microscopic particle analysis. The UKAS accredited laboratory specializes in airflow calibration, anemometer calibration, low flow water meter calibration, air velocity calibration and pressure calibration for oxygen clean pressure gauges.
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