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Beekeeping, Beekeeping Courses, Beekeeping Classes, Equipment and Bees, Bee Removal Services, Consulting and Lecturing.
We provide food, nutrition, and culinary communications expertise. How can we help you?
Producao e engorda de Tilapias, Pacu, Catfish, Bagre e vendas de files limpos, desossados e congelados. Ligue (19) 9.9811-2450 (Whatsapp)
For more than 20 years, the research and development team at PreVasive USA, along with a team of highly distinguished, independent third-party experts assembled to counsel, advise, and validate our findings in the fields of EPA Compliance, Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial Hygiene, and Packaging Configuration, have been conducting extensive research and thousands of tests, to arrive at breakthrough formulations capable of destroying the most prevalent, hard-to-kill pathogens, including spores with their protective shells, utilizing organic, botanical, Kosher, non-toxic, non-corrosive ingredients found in Nature.
PBA E.I.R.L, es una empresa peruana fundada el 2007, en la ciudad de Lima, con una solida experiencia en la produccin de microorganismos benficos para contra restar los problemas fitosanitarios de la agricultura y pensando en la accesibilidad de los agricultores, para obtener cosechas ms sanas, con mayor rendimiento y sin contaminar el medio ambiente.
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