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Digital Customer Notification is an income-generating platform for service-based businesses that use text message or e-mail, so that they can visually inform their customers days or hours in advance about individuals from their business who are scheduled to visit them at their home or any other location. More important, this allows service-based businesses including delivery businesses to provide their customers a sense of safety while simultaneously providing the business the opportunity to generate more revenue from current customers through very effective direct digital marketing ads. 90 percent of mobile phone users read every text message they receive. They will be even more likely to do so if it involves their personal safety.
Pet sitting in Houston, Cypress, and surrounding areas! A pet sitting company designed to make your day and vacations easier. We are able to take care of dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.
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Born out of simple thought to provide today's travellers comfortable stays and break-away from the sea of sameness that Airbnb customer experience from one home to another. Estilo Residences are all about providing fresh, vibrant, and unique spaces, that passionately reflects the local neighbourhood and its culture. Launched in March of 2018, Estilo Residences is privately held company that brings hospitality care and experience to the forefront. Services provided; Guest Experience Management - From query to reservation to arrival and a fond farewell Pricing Optimisation - Deploying latest algorithms to put the best price forward for the customers Revenue Management - We revenue manage demand across multiple channels for best length of stays Contact - for including your homes and to start earning premium returns
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Sistema Franklink um produto do Studio Stern, com o Franklink seu site pode contar com diversos sistemas para o gerenciamento de sua empresa e de seu site.
Life can be simple and uncomplicated. We are frustrated not being in control to manage our communities, our interests, our schedules and our interactions. That should not be the case with the technology available. We start with the consumer first. We want him to use FRIDAY to lighten his life, not engulf him. We aim for FRIDAY to be less, not more. He will have full control over all that he adds to that platform. We will use all technology available to make this possible. We want to provide businesses the power to own and delight their members. No reason that businesses should be swamped with operations. Shouldnt that be automatic? So they can focus on being creative to manage growth. FRIDAY aims to do all that and more.
Gard Strategies taps into the world's largest cloud platform to bring business and ideas to life. With access to over 70 million domain names Gard Strategies, is the place to create a professional website, improve your business, social media management, and attract customers.
Gard Strategies Social Media Management and Coaching Social Strategy + Media Presence = $Social Business Success$ Gard Strategies Social Media Management provides social media account setup & management, consulting & strategy, content creation, education & training, and insights & analysis for businesses, large or small. Gard Strategies wants to take your business to the next level by integrating social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, and more to help establish your business and presence. Contact Gard Strategies, LLC today for a social media consultation at (405) 592-3200 or email: or Gard Strategies Social Media Management offers strategic social media strategy designed to align social media goals with your companys overall objectives. Our content creation, curation & planning process establishes a social presence relevant & useful to your audience.
eReview: in two words You manage an Hotel or a business? You get many reviews from your customers every day on the reviews sites as Tripadvisor or Booking. You spend many time to answer them because you have to respond to each or give the job to another person and the result is sometimes not so good. The realtime effect of a bad comment is to loose some clients. We have a solution for you to save your time and to make the right answer.
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