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Genesis 950 is the best Pet odor and stain remover available. Genesis 950 breaks down the bonds of the stain while killing odor causing bacteria, Genesis 950 makes pet stains, Oils, Grease, Blood, as well as most common household stains water soluble and easy to remove with a water rinse.
ProMedUSA Since 2006, we are Asia's largest and premier provider of Ozone and Bi-Polar Ionisation Solutions for Air Sanitisation, Odour, Mould and Mildew Removal, Air Purification and IAQ Rectification, Water Treatment, Aquaculture / Aquatic Life Support Systems, and Ozonated Water for Food Processing and Chemical Free 100% Green Cleaning, and Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning. ProMedUSA is the exclusive importer and distributor in Asia for AZCO Industries, ClearWater Tech Ozone, Faraday ozone, Biotech, BioSure and BES Group Ozonated Water Generators for commercial kitchen and food processing applications, the Tersano LotusPro Stabilised Aqueous Ozonated Water System, AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionisers, Aeroqual and Ecosensors
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