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We have set up the Global Plastic Offset Scheme to allow you and your family to become Plastic Neutral. Plastic is actually a fantastic material which has enhanced human lives over the last few decades. The problem lies with what we do with it when its usefulness in a product has come to an end. The GPOS Scheme will allow you to offset your annual plastic usage (your PLASTIC FOOTPRINT) by allowing you to subscribe to an annual membership for 5 a month or less. The money will then be invested in projects which have a proven history of recycling or reusing plastic to set amounts which offset your annual usage. We will also be engaging forward-thinking companies who want to become CSR Pioneers and become Plastic Neutral too. We understand awareness is essential but we prefer to provide innovative solutions to your end-of-life plastics
Waterproof Gadgets & Measuring Instrument
We make it simple for people to power their home or business with 100% clean and renewable electricity generated at U.S. wind farms.
CW Mill has been manufacturing top quality electric and diesel powered grinders for over 40 years, and CW's HogZilla brand provides the best diesel and electric powered grinder in the industry.
Riley's A/C is a locally owned and operated HVAC services company serving the greater Huntsville Texas area and beyond since 1980. At our company, customer satisfaction is always our very first priority and we strive to provide the type of service that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.
Hi we are trying to work to make Earth a better place for our future generation so have started dealing in Biodegradable products.
Invictus Utilities are a dedicated team, who ethically source utilities for commercial organisations both large and small. We work solely in the best interest of our clients to minimise the cost of all commercial services and help them to put strategies in place to reduce these cost wherever possible
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mattress recycling uk company
Affordable Meth Test Kits & Device by Meth Lab Cleanup - precision meth home tests. Complete with everything needed to sample for meth residue. Easy to use; extremely sensitive. Great for measuring both meth use and production residue on surfaces.
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