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Colin Iles Inc is a consultancy firm based in South Africa that focuses on helping organisations survive in exponential times. The consultancies primary products and services are keynotes, workshops and retainers where they help incumbent corporates develop new business models that are appropriate for an exponential world. All programmes are based around one key principle - Purposeful organisations (organisations that have a purpose beyond profit) will ultimately be more successful as they are naturally empowered to take better decisions regarding their strategy and operating models.
Business consultancy - helping businesses to improve their standard and consistency of accessibility. And improving the way they support and respond to customers in vulnerable situations.
the business Fadellapay successfully sells trading companies. After a period of time it became apparent that a lot of funds were being wasted on banking charges. Our sister company FadellaPay was formed to reduce this burden for buyers and pass this saving on. When you use FadellaPay you can be sure that your money is safe as we work with a number of ESCROW companies. At FadellaPay we will not approve or accept any transaction until a full background check has been completed. We will check the applicants business history along with 6 months bank accounts. Once the background check is completed an email confirmation will be sent and the transaction Will be processed If for any reason there is a dispute we have a fully robust process for dealing with this that does not affect your statuary rights. If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ's then please feel free to reach out to us.
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Stillwater was started as a solution to companies in need of financial services and business direction. Though we provide consulting services, we are not a CPA or consulting firm. As the saying goes, A consultant is someone who borrows your watch and then charges you to tell you what time it is! That's not us. We'll actually get our hands dirty. A key differentiator between us and a CPA firm is, opposed to focusing solely on journal entries and tax advice, you can count on us to be a business partner who will build or help you build forecasts, budgets, and financial models for decision-making. We will even participate in, or lead, vendor negotiations to help you save money. We do all of this with any business size. Helping sole-proprietors get a new business started on the right foot, providing solutions to small and mid-size companies with financial questions/problems, and assisting large organizations with tools designed for business decisions are all in our wheelhouse.
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