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CYBER COPS India is a non-profit platform involved in cyber security research work.CYBER COPS India is an initiative of Neelabh Rai to help all Indian Netizen stay safer and feel more secure online in the digital world by providing Comprehensive Online Proactive Security by introducing unique, innovative and revolutionary research-oriented ideas, technologies, solutions etc.
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Sinds 2000 zijn we als Derks.IT op verschillende fronten binnen de software ontwikkeling actief. Onze kracht ligt vooral in het realiseren van uw plannen voor Internet. Van API tot web-applicatie en van website tot webwinkel, van MKB tot multi-national. Wij denken met u mee en helpen u de juiste keuzes te maken gedurende het implementatietraject, maar minstens zo belangrijk, vooral ook daarvoor. Omdat we geloven in het gebruik van bestaande bouwstenen, maken we veel gebruik van Open Source producten. Hiermee kunnen we problemen (uitdagingen) die reeds eerder opgelost zijn op een eenvoudige manier aanpakken. Dit heeft daarnaast het bijkomende voordeel dat door het grote aantal gebruikers de kwaliteit vaak hoger ligt.
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Digital Innovations Global is rapidly becoming one of the best on-premise Enterprise Infrastructure to cloud migration service providers in the marketplace
We are not just a web design agency, we are strategists and problem solvers that enhance your business.
An International investigation agency providing global support to fight against transnational crimes and tackling todays cyber and digital enabled crimes, we provide teams, tools and resources to work with Law Enforcement agencies on a cooperative level. Digitpol specializes in operational support and investigative services such as Cybercrime Investigation, Telecommunications fraud and investigating Automotive crimes and devices. Our team has extended skills in Data Recovery such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Cybersecurity and technology research for OEMs and government agencies as well as private and public clients internationally. Digitpol is a global company with a network of investigators and public-private projects worldwide. Our company provides investigative support necessary to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis. We have conducted investigations worldwide.
Let me help you with your "geek stuff". I will walk you through getting your computer back to where it was before "something happened". I've made most of your mistakes myself and know the way back. If you are in need of a presence on the Internet. I can help with that, too. Doing business in the "New Millennium" requires a place of your own in the World Wide Web. Customers want information at their fingertips. They don't even use traditional phone books anymore. When they want to find a product or service they reach for their mouse, their iPhone or their Android-powered smartphone. f your business, organization or club doesn't have a presence on the web, your customers, fans or members won't find you. They will find someone else.
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