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You can create technical chart with more than 50 indicators. Many times you need to create indicator of indicator and stockalyze has a cool feature to do that. Just drag an indicator and drop it on another and you are done. You can also create point-and-figure chart. The box size of point-and-figure chart in Stockalyze is continuously increasing instead of jump increase at certain price. In Stockalyze you can define Trading system using GUI.
Get cashback from transactions in the network blockchain. Get a higher percentage by entering a promotional code. Our project is called Cryptodraw. As you understand, this cashback service helps to return part of the sent amount of Crypto-currency in the Blockchain. Now the service is running in test mode. We currently support only three currencies. Nevertheless, in the near future, as soon as all processes are checked, dozens of currencies will be available. In addition, we are working on many unique options, without which you cannot imagine how beneficial the use of Blockchain can be. Have a little patience! We apologize if at the beginning of the work there were some failures in the work of the service. We will fix them as soon as possible! Use extensions - Login on blockchain - Make transaction - Get Cash Back
FARMCoin (FARM) is an ERC20 compliant token in the Ethereum blockchain. It is also a mining contract that pays you to hold your coins.
For all the hype surrounding Bitcoin, it is still a new frontier and there are still significant stumbling blocks to overcome. Most people don't have the time to learn about blockchains, hard forks, wallets, cold storage, keys, mining fees, seeds, etc. They want to leave all that to the technical folk amongst us. All the consumer wants to do is be able to send and receive Bitcoin so they can invest for the future, buy goods and services, and do so in a safe and reliable manner. That's where CryptoCoyns comes in. We aim to be the worlds simplest way to send and receive Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. CryptoCoyns wants to put the power back into the hands of the consumer.
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