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The Core Principles of Australia Made Simple are conceptualized with a clear vision to challenge the old world bureaucracy and closed shop practices of the Australian Immigration Industry. In 2018 the firm was acquired by Tannhauser Capital, a private equity partnership based in Munich. Our Founding Principles 1.Free Consultations. 2. Clear & Comprehensive Terms and Conditions 3. Honest Pricing 4. Full Cancellation Rights: At Any Time 5. Refund in the Event Your Visa Is Refused 6. Full Service Product 7. MARA Agents and Solicitors Our Associate consultants are either MARA Agents in Good Standing or Australian Solicitors and as a new client youll receive an introduction to your Associate from the very start. We believe firms should have more than just an available agent or outsourced compliance so every client engages directly with our MARA Agent from the very start, under the MARA Code of Conduct.
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I have over a decade of experience designing software and services that significantly impact the experience of consumers. I value contextual design, emphasizing ethnographic studies, rationalizing workflows, and designing human-computer interfaces. My background includes multiple design and cognitive science disciplines and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts allowing me to understand what is aesthetically pleasing and yet intuitively useful and functional human computer interaction. Solutions I provide strike a balance between great design, development and functionality. I believe that user-experience is more than designing an interface for a product, it is that spark that is set off in your brain that makes you feel like you have full control of your actions and decisions and leaves you in the end with an ecstatic feeling. It is an inclusive process that promotes risk-taking and accountability. I love studying behaviors in people and diversity in cultures.
Savvy Turtle Inc is a privately held American clothing company known worldwide for its Savvy Turtle brand of High-Quality Trendy T-Shirts. founded by James D. Wilson in 2000. The company makes apparel and accessories under brands including the Savvy Turtle. line and the Comet Crab line for women and men alike. It is headquartered in Madison, Mississippi. The company's products have been popular since the late 2000s; they were originally associated with the Military Armed Services & Families and moved into the mainstream West Coast culture in the early 2010s. It is most often associated with aspiring Americans. The style is based on Hand Drawn Illustrations, its brand features a Turtle as its logo.
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