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A & L Merchants, Inc. Affiliate Marketing
Able Digital Group - Experienced Video Storytelling: From small screens to large screens and everything in-between, we have the experience of producing over 600+ video projects for clients around the world. Our model is supported by a team of Project Producers who are specialist in traditional and digital video and who possess decades of brand video experience in all formats from recorded to live in which we provide; creative | strategy | production, direct to brand managers and marketers. We also collaborate with numerous Advertising, Animation, Design, Digital, Marketing, and PR companies who seek a seamless back-end production partner, one who understands the rules of engagement with their clients.
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Marketplace for buying and selling Ad-spaces. The tech-age solution for ATL advertising via analytics driven Trading Platform for Advertisement spaces. The innovative programmatic advertising and big data analytics solutions which disrupted the traditional media advertisement placement industry and the future of omni channel programmatic advertising.
AdSmart is a Premier Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Search Marketing, PPC, Local SEO, Social Media Management, Website Design & more.
We would like to connect people who believe in the same values as we do. We believe that there are still plenty of fair and honest people among us. Our main vision is and always will be a beRewarded model, which can be described as a new worldwide social-economical standard. This should be more like your personal social index, where others will be able to find out how you are behaving in today's world and if you are somehow helpful for a society. beRewarded should become new kind of currency, where you will know how and from where it was earned. It can be called as a sort of ethical money. beRewarded will be run as a non-profit model from creators, so it will never be possible to buy this currency from our side. You will only be able to earn it in places, which will be very carefully selected. This will be primary places, projects or individuals where you will be absolutely sure, that they are helpful to today's society.
We celebrate design innovation and creative driven brands, our passion has staged this move of establishing an entity to share and educate the lovely people we call clients helping them venture further with their brands and identities.
Egyptian Digital Strategist & Digital Marketing performance manager, Search Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing guru, Online Marketing specialist and Online Advertising Strategist proudly serves the communities of the Town of Ajax and the City of Pickering. We provide information on local businesses, restaurants, and events held in or located in Ajax or Pickering, Movie listings and much more... Check out our 401 LIVE Traffic Cameras, restaurant and pub directory, business to business directory and Durham Region waste schedule for garbage pickup.
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