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We provide a range of products that cleanse nourish and heal the inside which are 100% certified organic, as well as enhance what is on the outside.
Colway International offers paraben free, animal cruelty free, 100% natural and hypoallergenic beauty products range based on collagen that has never been seen in that shape or form. Being pioneers on the market - our collagen is acquired at the stage when it is not yet fully created within fish skin, that allows it formation to take place in ours. In technical terms it is in a single helix form which allows that to happen. This is the only way that collagen has been produced anywhere in the world and it is backed by Polish patent of this method. Anti Age, Rejuvenation, Moisturising, Baby and Home Care are the main product lines that are available from Colway International.
Our beautiful products have been created for decorative purposes and made with love. Because are made with delicate textiles, must be handled with delicacy. We recommend do not twist, rub or scrub and must be cleaned softly and gently. For the plastic and felt textures, can be cleaned with dry or damp wipe; or water and mild dish soap if needed. For other textures just with dry or damp wipe. Let air dry or slow blow dryer. Our products are considered under the same category of the decorative napkins that are disposable, but ALL our products are stronger (and water resistant in the case of the plastic and felt ones) and REUSABLE!... That's why they can be used many, many times with the proper handling. And no matter the width or the narrow of your cup or glass, you can adjust the dress, according to the size, just pulling the matching ribbon.
We will blog what we wish to blog. It can be good for you. Maybe bad for you. Honestly We don't give a damn. It can be just some personal stuff or views. It could be some random post out of nowhere. If by chance you viewed our page and wish to kepo on our
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