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Aiotics - Intelligent Analytics | Powered by A.I
We aim to provide clients with alerts in real time on their employees vital signs, equipment status and environmental conditions. By integrating our partners products with efficient software algorithms that allow us to alert undesirable patterns/behavior at the right time to the right people using our in-house developed, cloud-based solutions
Appteck - We develop web and mobile applications.
Software Development & Consulting Services Big Data - Noesis project - Insurance software.
Founded by Juan de Souza, to 14 years of age, Blenner OS stands out for its great advantage: Innovation and Service Premium in all plans offered. Moreover, it is a system in Cloud Computing developed in Brazil, resulting in a very low latency to its customers. Our care is also seen as a positive aspect, since the assist from beginning to advanced client, suggesting the best decisions in terms of infrastructure and scalability. Our current focus is on B2B and B2C market.
We are Digital Marketing Experts who are here to help you optimize your website cost effectively by using simple and effective Search Engine Optimization and Marketing methods. Set up Social Media campaigns for your products and services. Set up your website's Google Adwords ad campaigns to maximize visibility on your ads.
Election Trackers is A dedicated Social Networking platform for Nation Building. It is an interactive structure to connect with location of interest and views irrespective of political influence. Our sole purpose behind Election Trackers is to utilize the social media impact on people towards something more productive and drive towards the progress of a better society. As per demographic statistics, a person anywhere between ages 18-55 years has an active involvement directly/indirectly in politics. Our objective is to inculcate interests among the younger generation by educating them about Political Leaders and Political Progress in India. WELCOME TO DEMOCRACY 2.0
your global legal assistant
Primelight Web Solutions is a freelance web solutions organization dedicated to provide top-of-the-line Web Designs, High Quality, Reliable, and User-Friendly Business Automated Systems in an affordable price.
Founded in 2016, London-based Human Technology is on a mission to put human behaviour at the heart of personal and business decisions. To achieve this, the team has developed software that uses machine learning to measure and understand human interactions. Human Technology is developing tools to help both individuals and businesses alike in areas such as bettering relationships, leadership and development, team building, succession planning, employee engagement and cultural development. To enable the development of these tools, Human Technology recently created seahorse. Seahorse brings the underlying value of allowing the AI super-computer to improve itself by accessing and sifting big data. It takes many diverse people interacting with each other to assess patterns of how people co-exist. Using millions of bytes of code, the complex algorithms under seahorses bonnet is able to do just this.
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