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Amie D.D. Maker of Things
More than Arduino based digital versatile droid store, we are Arduino community. We grow because you follow!
Astral Robot provides DIY electronics parts for your robot, smart car, smart home, IOT projects and everything in between.
So the world is getting faster. There's now more interconnection than ever before with the advent of the internet, block-chains, and carbon-fiber aeroplanes. Perhaps tech is too expensive and maybe you can't keep up with the latest iPhone release. There's always something new and you just can't afford to keep up in this rat race. But that's not true! Not only should everyone be able access technology at this day in age, they should be able to afford it too! Since when did learning how to function in a society have to cost and arm and a leg! This startup, Latiice, is keen on bringing you the latest drone technology at a competitive price without the loss of quality and performance. Whether you're a hobbyist performing aeronautics or 3D barrel rolls to impress your friends or a photographer itching for a stunning aerial sunset photo over the mountains, Latiice will offer you the perfect drone specific to your needs. Seriously, it shouldn't be this hard.
The Uk Drone Store is an online company, selling Parrot Drones, Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition, Bebop Drone
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