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Gera inmeras senhas exclusivas e seguras para cada site e uso, com base em sua senha mestra particular. Mantenha sua senha com voc e gere muitas senhas fortes para usar livremente. Assim, fazendo uso de senhas seguras e individuais para cada site individualmente.
jddt is a consulting company providing services and trainings with regard to document forgery and imposter detection. We focus on law enforcement agencies, governmental and municipal institutions as well as on businesses on the German market. is now finally online and ready for business! Your No.1 FREE site when it comes to analysing, encrypting and decrypting online! We've also increased the file limit to 2GB!
Generates numerous unique and secure passwords for each site and use, based on your own single and private master password. Keep your password with you and generates many strong passwords to use freely. Thus, making use of safe and individual passwords for each site individually.
CEOX - Agencia digital, Nao de hoje que o mundo esta cada vez mais rapido. Vivemos numa era onde o que novo pode se tornar obsoleto amanha, onde as grandes transformacoes acontecem a mais de 100 mil kbytes por segundo. Nossas redes sociais e nossos amigos agora so virtuais, agora estamos apenas conectados. A Internet conecta voce a qualquer ponto do mundo, hora de reiniciar o seu jeito de olhar o mundo. Conecte-se a um novo futuro, CEOX Conectando Pessoas. Conecte-se ao Futuro, conecte-se a CEOX
Verifiable Identity-Based Encryption (VIBE) is an asymmetric cryptographic scheme that improves upon standardized IBE in multiple ways, including providing authentication at the application layer. VIBE doesnt require certificates to achieve root of trust, eliminating the challenges of key management. It uses unique identifiers, like a chip serial number, to randomly generate a new public key for every exchange of data. VIBE uses the private key to verify that the public parameters belong to the correct Trust Center. VIBE also authenticates the sender, and has a very small footprint, rendering it ideal for embedding in a Secure Element.
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