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PlayBunk is a decentralized digital game distribution platform that aims to empower video game communities and promote game developers and publishers. We are bringing together PC games and blockchain games in one platform. With PlayBunk, gamers can enjoy a wide access to the content they want to play without having to worry about intermediary costs. We are focused on making games accessible to the community. We are dedicated to equipping the next generation of developers and players with the channels they require to collaborate with fellow game creators and publish their games. We will also be one of the first platforms to accommodate the growing worldwide interest in blockchain game technology.
Changing the world, one game at a time. working right from the heart of Ciudad Jurez, Chihuahua, Mxico.
The #1 Fidget Spinner Superstore featuring a large selection of high quality spinners from the best manufacturers in the world. Exclusive SPINXX Spinner
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TOTEM is a gaming community platform which was born to improve the experience for gamers around the world. Our biggest goal is to help gaming community become the true owner of their experience through 4 core functions: 1. Flexible & Lightning Recharge Features. 2. Multi-games Rewards & Exchange system. 3. Tournament & Gaming Idea Community Crowd Funding. 4. Master Their Own Favorite Games. Our operations are rooted from 5 core values: PASSION, PRUDENCE, FAITH, JOY and INNOVATION.
With the desire to have freedom to innovate, we decided in 2013 to create our own engine, ensuring greater integration with "Blenner OS" and, respectively, of our projects. Behold, the TFX Engine comes later replaced by "UpGamer Engine".
Virtual Reality Environments, Games, Music Video and Hyper-realistic CGI Characters.
Um grupo de amigos que recebeu a misso divina de divulgar a boa nova pela vasta terra plana! O amor sem compartilhar incompleto.
ZhenPing Network is a web company that develops online games for mobile devices.
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