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Adventure across the world to find the evil Mouse- or free him! Taking place at the Palmtree Island Beach, the Something's Fishy Maze, the Mouse Prison, and the Cat's Castle, You play either as the Cat who is trying to put the evil Mouse in jail, or the Mouse Minion who's trying to free him! Level 1- You are the Cat and look around the Palmtree Island Beach for the evil Mouse who just escaped from jail! Level 2- You have to make your way through the Something's Fishy Maze to find the Mouse hiding place! Level 3- You are the Mouse Minion and have to get the evil Mouse out of jail without being dragged in yourself! Level 4- You are the Cat and the Mouse Minions are trying to storm your castle! Kill 20 mice before 7 of them get in your castle!
Enemies, Enemies, Enemies! Keep shooting the enemies! They just keep coming forever!
Hide and Seek time! You are the alien. Your job is to find the ant who is trying to run and hide! Move using the arrow keys. Catch the and to win! Good Luck! The Original Hide and Seek game, first developed in 2012.
A unblocked gaming website that you can play at school!
PLANETS: Learn Mode is an interactive app that lets you learn about the planets! Move the spaceship around to dock on a planet and learn more!
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