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Having spent twenty years working in the corporate world and consulting to multinational businesses I understand how that world operates and what its like working for others. I believe that living your best life means living a life on purpose. And having been through a major life change myself I am able to help others with the personal shift required to move from a corporate career to going it alone. Or if you're not in a corporate role, but want a change or a shift to occur in your life, I can help you too. There are plenty of options available for you. Check in for some mindfulness meditation training. Get mindfulness coaching. Or have a read of my blog that includes information on the latest mindfulness news, meditation, and much more. In fact, I try to include anything that will help you to live a better life. I can work with you wherever you are in the world by Skype.
7 Minute 7 Day Emotionally Open Intellectually Agile eCourse for students.
Psychic Tarot Card Readings In OakBrook, IL, Call now for your session (630)553-8770 1s516 Leahy Rd, Oakbrook Terrace, Il,
- deep tissue massages - pranic healing - twin hearts meditation - energy healuing - meditation
The Shakti Acupressure Mat gives natural, safe and effective therapy and may help improve circulation, sleep and relaxation, may provide effective relief from sore & tense muscles, shoulder, neck and back pain and may help improve muscle recovery.
At Soul Healing Studio, we offer a place for you to find silence, relax your body and mind, heal from pain and disease and explore your higher self. We provide in-person sessions with personalized guided meditations, energy and hands-on healing, and spiritual counseling. We also offer remote sessions (minus the hands-on healing) via Skype.
The home of LectroFan and Sound+Sleep products in the UK. Enjoy a better night's rest the natural way with our Sleep Therapy and White Noise systems.
Attunements, Empowerments, Shamanism, Magic
YogiMaker is designed to support the growing community of yogis who wish to practice a lifestyle of joyfulness and healthy mindful living. We provide access to all the little things and symbols that can make them feel more connected to the individual destinations they have in mind. We have personally been leading a life filled with yoga, meditation and healthy eating over several years now. Our wish is to spread awareness of the Yogic way of living among those who are developing curiosity about it, strengthen it among those who are already practicing it and thus create a community of like-minded yogis. We believe that this community will then go on to lead more meaningful lives and spread joy in the lives of those around them and in the world.
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