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Lynch Syndrome can be inherited by just one parent and can significantly increase the risk of cancer before the age of 50. Unfortunately most health care professionals are not familiar with it and most people with Lynch syndrome are not aware they have it. Fortunately, with proper diagnosis and monitoring cancers can be diagnosed earlier and lives can be saved.
Distributor of probiotic cleaners for your animals. Chrisal Probiotic Cleaners, also Equine Choice, Companions Choice, Stockmans Choice,
The 1st, only, and premiere headache and facial pain self-diagnosis tool and educational site, along with FREE community discussion/chat forum boards. The diagnostic algorithmic questionnaire was created by a headache specialist to help guide you to provide a list of possible diagnoses, extensive associated education and more detailed information about each possible diagnosis, common treatments, smarter self-research, and to have a better educated conversation with your doctor to discuss more effective diagnostic and treatment considerations.
ORIVeDA - pharmaceutical grade mushroom extracts (100% bio-availability!) + pure Shilajit-Mumijo
Superior Health Starts With Superior Supplements! Amazing Doctor-Based Nutrition Formulas Target Your Exact Health Problem To Make Sure You Get Everything Your Body Needs for TOTAL Health!
Universitys Primary Care team, which may include your physician a physicians assistant or a nurse practitioner, will provide an integrated, well-coordinated approach for your healthcare needs. Our physicians are primary care providers who have the advantage of being connected to the entire circle of University Health Care System services, because our mission is to improve your health. Insist on the best. Insist on University.
Fast, Accurate and Confidential STD Testing Only CDC Currently Recommended STD Tests 100% Confidential STD Testing Results in 24-48
Smart Gifts = Better Prepared loved ones. A gift for people going through chemo. For the toughest battle go equipped with chemo care packages designed for helpful relief and added comfort. Side-effects can be alleviated with a Gift that Keeps Giving. Find useful gifts baskets here. Help out at the appointment or with our aftercare kits.
PlanPiri Diabetes is a ready plan of everything that a diabetes patient needs to know, remember and do throughout the year. If the patient wishes, they can include a relative as a follower. It works on its own. If the patient does not want to use the PlanPiri Diabetes or cannot use it, the app may be used by a relative instead. - Empowers family members. - Provides support and motivation. - Reduces diabetes-related complications. - Provides medication adherence. - Reduces health expenditure and time loss. - Achieves daily mission and health goals throughout the year. - Provides behavior change in exercise, diet and weight control. - Provides practical recommendations to achieve goals. - Prepared by doctors from international guidelines. - An easy-to-understand language is used to reach out even to illiterate communities - Provides success analysis and comparison with peer patient groups analytics PlanPiri as a platform plans your life.
Our goal is to provide appropriate medical advice which allows our users to understand and choose the next course of action.Our online portal is designed to connect with our users in a timely and coordinated fashion to ensure minimum time lapse. We intend to provide facts about common illnesses and spread awareness about diseases through our blog. We provide expert specialist advice to Medical Students, Doctors and Medical Professionals. Our focus is on delivering appropriate advice and consultation to our users for their betterment. Brig. Dr. Anuj Rajvanshi received his MBBS and MD from the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) Pune Maharashtra. He has a Super-Specialisation (DM) in Nephrology from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh. Dr. Rajvanshi has over 40 years of Experience in Nephrology, Transplants, Dialysis, Critical Care, Renal Care, Clinical, Teaching with various Hospitals and Medical Colleges of India.
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