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Cancer Kind Gifts offers care packages to support friends and loved ones undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments while giving back to research.
To support families in medical crisis by offering household services, including meals, laundry and household cleaning. Research gives hope for tomorrow, Community Cares gives help for today Putnam Community Cares, Inc. (dba Community Cares) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that provides help in managing normal household tasks for families of school-aged children who have a parent dealing with cancer or other major medical illnesses. We serve families throughout Putnam County, Northern Westchester and Southern Dutchess.
We are part of the cannabis community and seek to bring awareness to the benefits of cannabis as well as quality cannabis related products to our customers.
A personal blog exploring the art of happiness in the face of adversity.
We are a non-profit organization that coordinates with your Hospice of choice to provide end-of-life care in a residential setting. Hospice enrolled patients with only 2-3 weeks to live may be unable to remain in their home due to an exhausted caregiver or no family or friend available to provide ongoing 24-hour companion care. Some patients may have to remain in a hospital or residential Hospice with 24-hr RN care because of complications or symptoms that cannot be managed at home. Even when time is short, some patients are appropriate to receive care within a home settting. For some of those patients, we offer an alternative to dying in a hospital or going into a nursing home when time is short. GGH offers 24-hour supervised, non-medical care in a private home. Please go to our website for additional information and pricing: Note: We are applying for AFC licensure.
Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Multivitamins Multimineral Formulas Honey Antioxidants Amino Acids Herbal teas Green tea Black tea Acne face Alcoholism disease Alzheimers disease Angina pain Heart arrhythmia Rheumatoid arthritis Asthma allergy Atherosclerosis Athletes Foot Attention Deficit Disorder Lower back pain UTI Bladder Infection Blood Sugar Osteoporosis Memory loss Breast Cancer Bronchitis pneumonia Candida Canker Sore Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cataract Cholesterol Tired Detox Cold Flu Colon cleanse Constipation pain Depression Anxiety Diabetes mellitus Diarrhea Best Weight Loss Digestion Dry Mouth Hearing loss Fatigue Eye Vision Fibromyalgia Food Allergy Foot pain Gallstones Gout Hair loss Headache Heart Health Heartburn Hemorrhoids Herpes Hypertension Hypoglycemia Immune system Erectile Dysfunction Incontinence Inflammation Inflammatory Bowel Disease Irritable Bowel SyndromeJoint pain Bladder infection Fatty liver Macular Degeneration Menopause
Michigan Medical Certification Program MMMP-Lara
Meme sal ve meme kanserlerinin cerrahi tedavileri, meme koruyucu cerrahi, onkoplastik meme cerrahisi
Professional Pathology of Wyoming in Casper. Locally owned and operated pathology laboratory, with board certified pathologists and technicians performing your tests.
University Medical Oncology (formerly Medical Oncology Associates) is a medical group with two locations in Augusta and Aiken. Medical oncologists are physicians who specialize in treating cancer with chemotherapy (the use of drugs to kill cancer cells, usually by stopping the cancer cells ability to grow and divide) or other medications. Treatments can include targeted therapy and oral (in pill form) chemotherapy.
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