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Tips, tools and resources, preparing you for the ABPI Exam leading to the Certificate or Diploma in the promotion of prescription medicines
Dr Lipkis wants to make a positive impact upon your life by cherry picking the best supplements and giving the the latest practical medical information in his award-winning e-newsletter, Lifesavers.
Let's learn together the basic concepts of ophthalmology. I will be uploading on this blog my summaries, diagrams, and algorithms that I have been creating while reading textbooks, watching videos, and learning from professors in this field.
Site specifically dedicated to make layman understand commonly used medical jargon in a very simple language
A non-boring resource for clinicians and soon-to-be clinicians. Now with fewer side effects. Probably
Online Training Services
El propleo es un antibitico natural excelente para tratar a alguien que sufra los primeros sntomas de gripe y resfriado. Cuando empecemos a tener dolor de garganta, mucosidad, tos o fiebre es el mejor momento para comenzar a tomar este remedio y conseguir un alivio casi inmediato. No obstante, debemos saber ...
Dual life of doctor and chef interested in cardiovascular disease prevention through Mediterranean style recipes
Support, Information, Education, training, seminars,
You Study Medicine is a leading agency aiding students gain entry to Medical,Dental and Pharmacy courses in internationally accredited European Universities.
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