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Ask Doctor for FREE* and get access to medical courses for FREE*. Get HIV Treatment, Post Exposure prophylaxis (PEP), Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) by most resourceful and experienced doctors. Prepare for your NEET- PG with all easy to use modules, free courses and questions from previous PG exmas.
Let's learn together the basic concepts of ophthalmology. I will be uploading on this blog my summaries, diagrams, and algorithms that I have been creating while reading textbooks, watching videos, and learning from professors in this field.
Handcrafted 3d spine model showing anatomical detail to help the doctor connect with patients in a way they can understand their own anatomy. Dynamic disc designs models that reveal the inner biomechanics of spine to help in the greater understanding of pain generators and pain triggers in the postural and therapeutic treatment of back and neck pain. These models are perfect for those who want to teach spinal anatomy in an updated and evidenced-based way. Take a dynamic approach with your spine 3d model to engage with human anatomy.
Site specifically dedicated to make layman understand commonly used medical jargon in a very simple language
Medicine matters. MEDiscuss is a medical education portal for graduate medical students, residents and professionals. Source of patient education articles.
Welcome! Were a project dedicated to understanding and sharing knowledge about the human condition and all its incredible facets. We explore various topics of literature, culture, science and entertainment and the way these translate into medicine.
El propleo es un antibitico natural excelente para tratar a alguien que sufra los primeros sntomas de gripe y resfriado. Cuando empecemos a tener dolor de garganta, mucosidad, tos o fiebre es el mejor momento para comenzar a tomar este remedio y conseguir un alivio casi inmediato. No obstante, debemos saber ...
SA Swallowing Services provides training and services using FEES procedures. Other training includes Stroboscopy and Tracheostomy and Ventilator patient care
Dual life of doctor and chef interested in cardiovascular disease prevention through Mediterranean style recipes
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