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We are Anchiano Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies to treat cancer in areas of unmet need.
Biostar Technology International is the Global Leader in Quantum Resonance Biofeedback, our Technologies innovative 3D scan technology takes the guesswork out of choosing supplements and wellness services. Find out how the process works. Our company is the owner of the software Copyrights for NLS technologies from Russia.
Pagina de Negocios y Tienda Online, Compre Online Totalmente Garantizado con certificacion SSL, Enterate de mas novedades de salud y negocios en nuestra web.
CSERB is a Canadian based research ethics board constituted to meet the requirements of the FDA and Health Canada and is complaint with ICH standards
We Specialize in several kinds of Etizolam Pellets for Research purpose only!!!
Please consider making a donation funding by charity, a non-profit , grants funding eye care of ophthalmologic issues, eyesight research, education. Diffusion of knowledge creating content.
MedCore Clinical Research site conducts clinical trials per ICH-GCP,IRB and Protocol. Our staffs are certified and they are HIPAA trained, ICH-GCP and IATA trained. MedCore Clinical Research collaborates with several licensed Medical Doctors, Pharmaceutical Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and other Health Stakeholders in testing medications for Alzheimers disease, Migraine Headaches, Vascular Dementia, Memory, Restless Leg Syndrome, Pain, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Infectious Disease, Pneumonia, Hypertension, Arthritis, Headache disorders, Respiratory Disorder, Stroke, Cholesterolemia, Heart Diseases, Age-Associated Memory Impairment, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Primary Insomnia, COPD, Painful Neuropathy, Osteoarthritis, Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Hyperlipidemia, Influenza, Acid Reflux, Blood Clot, Weight and Nutritional Managements and other diseases.
To build a sustainable and diverse physician-scientist workforce by developing leaders who will make fundamental discoveries that improve human health.
UNLOCKING AUTOIMMUNITY INC. IS A NON PROFIT MOVEMENT DIRECTLY FUNDING STANFORD MEDICINE, JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE RESEARCH CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA- GAINESVILLE AND THE LAMB FOUNDATION FOR DYSAUTONOMIA. The purpose of every aspect of this movement is to raise awareness for the estimated fifty million Americans, and millions more worldwide suffering from an autoimmune disease. Most importantly the purpose is to come out of the major deficit in funding for those working extremely hard to find better treatments and cures for these diseases that cause us to suffer daily. To discover solution. It was recently stated to me that health is a state of mind. I firmly believe that a positive mind and emotional well-being can and does have a profound impact on the overall health of the human body as well as its ability to heal itself. Im unsure we as humans have been able to tap into that completely as many diseases still prove to take many lives. These diseases con
Biostar nls provides you with the latest bioresonance technology. Sound equipment is designed to scan your body for frequency imbalances and by means of a spectral technology called Meta or MoRa Therapy can send information back via the vagus nerve.
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