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Registered clinical social worker (MSW, RSW) providing individual psychotherapy.
A community of adults living with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder who have come together for understanding, friendship, and mutual support. Offering information on Bipolar Disorder, Forums, Member Journals and a Safe & Secure member-only Peer Support Chat. There's a whole other World out there. Come join us!
Praxis fuer heilkundliche Psychotherapie mit Ganzheitlicher Bild- und Gestalttherapie sowie Traumatherapie (EMDR). In Bad Wrishofen, Wirkungsstaette von Pfarrer Sebastian Kneipp. Heilpraktikerin im Bereich der Psychotherapie Karin Rauch.
Joel I. Kimmel, Ph.D., P.A. and Associates - Home
A look into the life of a creative
Mentegram is a HIPAA compliant platform for better patient engagement and daily monitoring. We help clinicians understand and quantify how treatment is progressing while measuring outcomes. Mentegram is built on APIs (Application Programming Interface) making it easy to integrate with existing workflow and software. Mentegram supports co-design of content, promoting patient-centric care. Australian & New Zealand patient data is regionally hosted on Amazon Web Services, Sydney, Australia.
John & Lisa Milton are Restoring the Foundations ministers. We minister as a couple to individuals seeking healing and deliverance. RTF is a healing and deliverance ministry. We are currently trained and certified to minister as Issue-Focused RTF Ministers. Issue-Focused ministry consists of a single 2-3 hour session related to a single issue or topic. In some situations, more than one ministry session is required over a period of time. In some cases we refer our clients to other ministries or professionals for help, depending on the issues. We do not minister to issues beyond our level of training and experience. Milton Ministries is not a charity and as such cannot issue a tax receipt.
Revolutionary and Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Migraine and Chronic Pain Conditions. MindScape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy was founded on the premise to expertly, compassionately, and affordably deliver Concierge IV Ketamine therapy for treatment resistant mood disorders and chronic pain conditions.
We are a community group working on building recovery and stability. We deal with mental illness in our own lives and in the lives of our family members and friends. Join us on the journey to recovery.
Oyun terapisi ekseninde surdurdugu calismalarinda, Psikolog Isil Ugur Gunak, bilissel yaklasimda kullanilan teknikler ve uygulamalarda uzmanlasarak entegratif bir terapi modeli benimsemis ve Anadolu Yakasi psikolog, Bagdat Caddesi psikolog, Caddebostan psikolog, Duyu Psikoloji'de cocuk ve ergen psikologu, Anadolu yakasi oyun terapisti olarak calismaktadir. Cocuk ve ergenlerde gorulebilen; Bosanma Sureci, Kayip ve Yas, Davranis Problemleri, Kardes Kiskancligi, Aile ici iletisim problemleri, Fobiler, Takintilar, Depresyon, Saldirganlik, Ofke, Uyku Problemleri, Beslenme Problemleri, Internet ve Bilgisayar Bagimliligi, Okul Korkusu, Sinav Kaygisi, Odev ve Sorumluluklar, Ozel Ogrenme Guclugu, Disleksi, Disgrafi, Diskalkuli, Dikkat Daginikligi, Hiperaktivite, Gorsel ve isitsel Dikkat, Bellek, Gorsel Ve isitsel Algi, Ozguven Eksikligi, Sosyal Beceri Eksikligi, Akranlariyla Uyum Sorunlari, Yalan Soyleme vd. sorunlarla ilgili terapileri ve aile danismanlik calismalari devam etmektedir.
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