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Hemi-Sync is a patented binaural beat technology developed by consciousness pioneer, Robert Monroe. It has been refined by over 40 years of research, and new applications are still being developed by an expert team of dedicated sound engineers at Monroe Products, Virginia. We are a team of accredited The Monroe Institute (TMI) Outreach and Residential Facilitators who through experiential programs, lectures and individual consultations teach the application of Hemi-Sync technology to help individuals develop, explore and apply beneficial states of consciousness, or simply to achieve an increased sense of well-being, in their daily lives.
Professionelle Hypnose-mp3 von zertifiziertem Hypnosetherapeuten zur Gewichtsabnahme, Raucherentwhnung, Entspannung, u.v.m.
Raising your frequencies through blended anointing oils that are blessed to assist in emotional and spiritual breakthrough, healing and freedom!
Life Coach, Meditation Yoga instructor and Mantra singer Access Inner Peace ! Change your Thoughts, Change your Life with life coaching programs and meditation music, Join Longo Lounge for Free mp3
Living Beyond Your Fears was founded by Billy J. Atwell as a result of his intensive 4 year study into the nature of fear, neuroscience, the power of thought and self-confidence development. Living Beyond Your Fears is a source for individuals who wish to move beyond their fears and live a life of their choosing.
Personal blog about events, travel, food and everyday life.
Dedicated to helping women have an extraordinary relationship with their husbands or life partners
Former Dominatrix offering Women's BDSM Guidance: Learn to identify, embrace & communicate your desires with Women's Kinky Sex Coach and BDSM Mentor.
Online and In-Person Therapy. My Counselling Place symbolises support, and support suggests the existence of a relationship. Building a relationship of any sort, more so in therapy, can be quite challenging. Trust, feelings, sharing untold thoughts and things you might never have shared to anyone but yourself do need a safe space where you will not feel judged. My Counselling place has as a mission to continuously create and promote an accessible , non-judgemental therapeutic place to where everyone will feel valued, respected, accepted and supported from wherever they come from or wherever they live in.
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