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Professionelle Hypnose-mp3 von zertifiziertem Hypnosetherapeuten zur Gewichtsabnahme, Raucherentwhnung, Entspannung, u.v.m.
Joy On Your Journey - you play it & live it!
Learn to let go of all that scares you and holds you back and just live your life with fearless joy!
Former Dominatrix offering Women's BDSM Guidance: Learn to identify, embrace & communicate your desires with Women's Kinky Sex Coach and BDSM Mentor.
Online and In-Person Therapy. My Counselling Place symbolises support, and support suggests the existence of a relationship. Building a relationship of any sort, more so in therapy, can be quite challenging. Trust, feelings, sharing untold thoughts and things you might never have shared to anyone but yourself do need a safe space where you will not feel judged. My Counselling place has as a mission to continuously create and promote an accessible , non-judgemental therapeutic place to where everyone will feel valued, respected, accepted and supported from wherever they come from or wherever they live in.
Peace Zion was birthed out of Love, and a deep desire for Universal Peace. I understand the world we live in can at times feel very harsh, intimidating and chaotic, so I was inspired to create and offer products that would be a symbol of Peace, Love, Connection, Compassion, Empathy, Harmony, Simplicity, Playfulness, Unity and Freedom.
You are loved! Let Robo Friend tell you how many ways you are AWESOME! Robo Friend is a automated synthesized voice that will sooth your nerves and make you feel cherished and valuable! Let Robo Friend change your mood! Boost your morale and self-esteem! It's easy to let Robo Friend turn your day from bad to good! Robo Friend can massage your brain into enhancing your mood, for the betterment of yourself and those around you!
Blog de auto-ayuda para alcanzar el xito
A project devoted to recovering from sexual abuse.
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