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Motivation website t he and encourage everyone to become active and improve health and fitness
"Your One Stop Online Fitness & Nutrition Store!" We provide you with a wide range of high quality products, the latest innovations, all the known classics, as well as an excellent customer service.
Our theory is simple. Do not remove the kinds of food exotic birds would naturally consume in the wild. Their systems still require the same kind of nutrition Nature has designed their bodies to thrive on. Proper food, and daily exercise and mental stimulation will make for a healthy, happy bird. This is the way Nature designed this beautiful and magnificent creature and any other manner of living is less that what it deserves. The website and it's forums provide pertinent information to help exotic bird owners help their birds live long and healthy lives.
My blog about my personal experiences and progress towards my goal of getting Fit for Florida.
The Journey that is becoming a Whole Food Plant Based Vegan.
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