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The Classic Tea Company is a family owned New York (USA) based company that focuses on providing traditional as well as custom blended artisan tea flavors. It is a fact that the best leaves make the best tea, with that in mind we seek out and form relationships with only ethically grown/harvested tea gardens which we artistically blend without adding any sugars or other chemicals.
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Dr Jeremy - Helping the World become Naturally Better
Superior Health Starts With Superior Supplements! Amazing Doctor-Based Nutrition Formulas Target Your Exact Health Problem To Make Sure You Get Everything Your Body Needs for TOTAL Health!
Bringing Finesse to Fitness. The latest in functional resistance training made portable brought to you by former collegiate and professional athletes.
A Beekeepers initiative to provide our customers with 100% pure honey from various floral sources through our network of beekeepers, tribal community and farmers, who in turn are encouraging an increase in pollination across our country in fields, forests and farms.
GoActiv proprietary blend is an extraordinary technological breakthrough that is simplified to improve many areas of our lives. Unlike anything else in the market today, GoActiv in the only product of its kind that will give you the lifestyle you desire. It is known to increase energy, detoxify the liver and cells, promote lean muscle growth, improve athletic performance and recovery plus many more. Minerals and Electrolytes GoActiv helps in forming collagen which is the protein responsible for keeping your skin smooth and unlined. The silica found in GoActiv restores the necessary balance between calcium and magnesium; it also helps in facilitating the bodys absorption of calcium, contributing to strong and healthy bones. Silica helps in boosting your immune system, and giving your skin and nails a youthful appearance. Trace minerals help the body perform regulartory and structural functions, healthy bones, replenish the body, metabolism, digestion and more.
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At Healthies, we advocate a lifestyle to keep you young, vibrant, healthy, and feeling better all the time! We have literally done hundreds of hours of research on health related topics to bring you the best possible methods for reaching your health, fitness, and beauty goals.
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