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The comprehensive Wellness Checkpoint Health Risk Assessment recognizes your companys unique global requirements and delivers a respectful, culturally appropriate experience. Wellness Checkpoints comprehensive questionnaire guides users through a dynamically tailored, confidential assessment which considers the health of the whole person, including lifestyle and health status, in the context of work and life outside of work. Wellness Checkpoint is the industry-leading decision support system for health and productivity management, specifically designed to assist performance-driven companies manage business risk related to health and productivity.
Fast and Confidential STD Testing. STDAware offers affordable same day laboratory STD testing. Stop worrying and get tested today!
Perusahaan yg sangat fokus mengembangkan aplikasi untuk bisnis kesehatan (klinik, apotek, laboratorium serta rumah sakit) sejak thn 2007. Pengalaman kami yg cukup panjang dalam melayani ratusan klinik, memberikan kami kesempatan untuk terus mengembangkan dan memperkaya fitur-fitur yg ada, agar selalu bisa memberikan solusi terbaik bagi Klinik dan Rumah Sakit Anda.
Indoor Aroma Scent Marketing Solution to reinforce your brand, reduce malodors, increase customer retention rate and increase customer satisfaction.
Our core business is Financial Management Services (FMS), with product lines offered as stand alone options or packaged together for a comprehensive FMS solution. Acumen ensures accountability, quality, flexibility and responsiveness. We are committed to providing the best most efficient solutions possible while preserving the principles and philosophy of self-direction. Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to take your established program to the next level, consider Acumen as a part of your solution.
Life Coach, Meditation Yoga instructor and Mantra singer Access Inner Peace ! Change your Thoughts, Change your Life with life coaching programs and meditation music, Join Longo Lounge for Free mp3
D & L Health Solutions is a healthcare service company that supports the next generation of growth in healthcare by providing sustainable market-leading strategy, assessment, and remediation to healthcare organizations. We know that execution is most important than just recommendations. Our on the ground experience and domain expertise assist health systems, physicians, payers, and government entities and innovators in improving and optimizing operational performance, coordination of care and patient experience to provide personalized and cost-effective solutions.
Electronic Health Records Free EHR Free EMR, Engage Patient Experience, High Security HIPAA ICD10 compliant, Big Data Health Platform, Telehealth
Learn more about how genetic testing from GeneYouIn can help you and your physician develop a personalized strategy to improve your health.
My Health Savers Plan is a free membership group that offers discounted medical services for its members. Members Receive Huge Savings on Discount Prescriptions, Mail Order Prescriptions, Lab Tests, and Access to Pharmaceutical Grade vitamins and much much more. Register today to begin accessing great health and medical information and discount cards that may be used at any physician's office in NV, NM, OK, TX, and LA and any Pharmacy in the U.S.
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