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Pronounced' s uh t - y uh Means truthfulness, wanna get more literal, more deep? "True essence or true nature that which is beyond distinctions of time, space and person, and reality. So yeah, Like I said truthfulness/truth. The TRUTH is, Yoga is for Everybody. Our mission is to create a space that is warm and inviting for all; young, old, thin bodies, abundant bodies, not wealthy, wealthy, all religions, all races, and any gender. A place where you can relax and be who you truly are, your true self free from judgment, self and otherwise. Classes 7 days a week! M-F 9:30am. M-Thurs 6Pm. M/W/F 6am. M/W (Gentle Yoga) 4:30PM. S &S 9am. Sat 7am.
Offers Private & online yoga instruction
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