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At IOOGO, we want to disrupt the archaic tax industry. We do not believe that it should be a scary or costly process. This is why we have made it our mission to educate on the simplicity of filing your tax return. And this is why we believe it should be affordable for even the most difficult return. Our web and mobile application make filing your taxes as easy as filling out a job application.
DoMyTaxOnline is owned by AUSSIE TAX BACK PTY LTD ABN 68 611 101 298 and was developed to provide a simple and affordable method for Australians to lodge their annual tax returns. Our product provides the highest degree of accuracy and is designed by in-house programmers and tax accountants.
Sorting Through A Lifetime is an estate document searching, sorting, and disposal service. We serve the families of San Luis Obispo County, when a loved one can no longer take care of their financial affairs or has recently passed away. During these hard times, Sorting Through A Lifetime understands how difficult it is to find the time and energy to search for, and sort through, loved ones paperwork. It is a very tedious task to sort through paperwork to find essential estate-related documents for estate / probate attorneys and tax accountants, then to safely dispose of non-essential documents. Sorting Through A Lifetime would like to take this tedious, and highly emotional task off the shoulders of these families, to enable them to use their valuable time in more meaningful ways.
Are you an individual or corporate taxpayer that is being harassed by an IRS audit, collection notices, garnishments or bank levies? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Here at The Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll, we are a full-service tax firm that can handle all IRS tax problems that you may have. The majority of tax relief companies are out there to sell you a line. You will talk to a tax consultant who works on commission and is merely trying to get you to spend as much money as possible without even understanding all the tax laws and procedures needed to properly advise you on your tax matter. You need to speak to someone with tax experience. At the Law Firm of Keith A. Cothroll, you will talk to a tax attorney who will directly consult with you about your tax matter. When you need help with a tax return, an offer in compromise, an audit, a bank levy or garnishment Keith Cothroll is here waiting to help. Call today
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