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At Comicstan, we are re-thinking the whole experience of comics. We are working to re-kindle the spark and fire up the entire world of comics. How we do it, just wait and watch.
FIGAZONE-Store First of Its Kind In The Middle East Which are specialized in three major type of products, Major anime and video games Action figures and Blocks cubes. We are also aiming to be the biggest collections provider in the area. In Order for that we select the best qualities from best Action Figure factories. in order to cover all the wishes of the anime &video games fans with the best prices and services.
NerdRad: The coolest stuff for the coolest nerds
Officially Geeked aims to be your reliable source for all things "Geeky", and EVERYTHING cool no matter what! From Darth Vader Keychain's to Grenade Ice Molds, It is our top priority to procure a unique & high-quality inventory that will have you Officially Geeked Out! We promise loyalty to all of our idiosyncratic customers and fanbase, and we know that we are apart of a rare breed in the land of viral videos, Hashtags, and pop culture With that being said, make yourself at home and have a look around, we're sure you will find something you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE!-Enjoy!
This one goes out to the PUNS we love! Pun Intended Online is a site designated for published books and merchandise created by author and illustrator Jon Hoefer.
Comics can be read here.
Stay in touch with the latest and interesting news around the anime, manga and comics world. Open and participate in our forum discussions and contribute by making your own news.
The Bionic Kid comic is a product of love for all involved. Our authors Christo and Zachary asked a simple question how can we help raise money so that children around the world can receive bionic prosthetic arms? With that, they embarked on this journey to create a comic that was inspired by those in their life and their love of comics. The script was submitted to Dr. Albert Manero, Matt Dombrowski, and Victor Davila out of the University of Central Florida (UCF). They along with Kirk, an art student at UCF, are helping make this dream come true. In 2015, Zachary was the recipient of a prototype bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions. The impact has been and continues to be long lasting.
Xocololo is a series that tells the adventures of a very creative, cheerful and extroverted girl named Xoco (pronounced chocoh) and her friends Yoia, Uz, Zok, Tane, and Xande along others from the little town of Lolo. Their stories tell how using creativity, education and teamwork, these children manage to find solutions to situations and problems, which often appear difficult to solve for the adults, gaining valuable lessons and knowledge while still enjoying their childhood. Xocololo will touch on several issues that are important for children around the world, such as education, health, discrimination, bullying and child exploitation, among others. The objective is to disseminate and raise awareness about these issues in a simple and open manner, to invite the readers themselves to offer ideas to solve them and to support organizations working in these fields, including dedicating part of the profits from the various materials and Xocololo products that are commercialized.
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