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The Playground Shop is an online retailer with the sole intention of helping families find the perfect playground, jungle gym or swings. Call 855-969-4282. is the premier resource to find select and travel baseball teams in your area. We have the locations and addresses for hundreds of select baseball teams with easy to search tools!
Shop the best collection of skateboards, longboards, scooters, shoes, apparel store at We offer free ground shipping on orders priced above $85. is a resource for the sport of boomerangs, from "How To Throw a Boomerang" information and videos, to how to tune it for optimal performance. Included are over 100 boomerangs for sale from countries such as the USA, Australia, Brazil, Germany and France. Also included are general information on the history of boomerangs, famous boomerang designers and competitors, lots of information on how to throw and how to adjust your throw. We know that there is more to the sport than just making a quality product. We put in the effort to help you make it work! The sport of boomerangs is a lot like golf. It is more of a cerbral game than a brute force sport. Getting a boomerang to return precisely involves understanding the wind conditions you are throwing in, your physical abilities and application of proper technique. It is not how hard you throw. It is how much spin you throw with and how well you adjust the throw. We are here to help you in this process!
Fencing Parents is a community of parents and everyone who desires to make fencing better than ever. The Fencing Parents website aims to be: - the central repository of useful tips and information on competitions, national and regional points, qualifying paths for Summer Nationals, July Challenge and Junior Olympics. - a parent community where we share our collective experience and wisdom across all aspects of the sport. equipping us to better support our fencer in his/her fencing aspirations and endeavors across all ages - a feedback forum where we can voice our gripes and make suggestions about organizational improvements to competitions etc We welcome contributions from the community on any aspect you feel is important for parents to know about. We value your insight, advice and experience whether it's about maintaining a lame, or nurturing a child's aspiration to be an athlete recruit to an Ivy League college
Whirly Board | Balance Board and Agility Trainer | Stand-up desk, workout, rehabilitate, practice 360 spins- kids love it and a perfect gift. Whirly Board LLC is a start-up company founded on the belief that time spent riding a board is directly proportional to quality of life. Every athlete knows that good muscular strength and endurance are necessary in order to succeed and become the best you can be. The best athletes are well rounded. They have strength, endurance, mental stamina, balance, agility, proprioception, and good motor control. The Whirly Board addresses all of the above. The product was developed as a rotational training tool by an avid board sport enthusiast in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Skills developed on this board will improve the users center of balance, board control, and agility. The Whirly Board also teaches proper mechanics of initiating and completing rotational tricks while gaining comfort and spatial awareness throughout the spin.
Snappy Towels textured microfiber swim, travel and beach towels for kids and adults. Multi-purpose, wearable, changing cover, chair cover, hang anywhere & more!
Rob McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador with 6 Guinness World Records and 12 World Championships including the Canadian Distance Record.
Safe Hoverboards, Swegway Parts, Accessories & Repair Services from UK's No. 1 certified & trusted company with free shipping & one year warranty. Your one stop shop for everything Swegway related.
Teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes to ages 5 thru adult. All levels. Also offering a Women's only class.
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