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Clothesforchild was founded in 2010 with vision of building the best online store in the Nordics for children clothing. We want to inspire by offer an exclusive shopping experience and excellent customer service with the best mixture of high-quality brands. Here you'll find baby and children's clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, car seats, maternity clothes.
Loja Exclusiva de Acessórios Infantis. A Maior Variedade de Laços, Tiaras, Faixinhas, Toucas e Muito Mais Acessórios Você Encontra na Dalella! Entregamos em Todo o Brasil. Conheça a Dalella!
Welcome to the "Free Makeup Brushes" Product Giveaway Collection. Each month we pick a new Free Makeup Product to give away, all you pay for is the shipping! In this collection you'll find the current and past Free Makeup Giveaways. We keep the Free Makeup Offer going until the product is no longer available. Enjoy! J.
Frufie purses make great gifts for girls, young and old. Frufie offers minky rose purses, furry purses, fun character purses that allow for customization through color choice and hair style options, and mini purses that are the perfect size for high-priority items such as phones, cash/cards, keys, a couple makeup items, and hygiene products. They're great for traveling light and keeping the most important items on-hand. Mini purses come in a classy style, for proms or an evening out, or character styles for younger girls that want to have some fun.
KP's Little Shop features clothes and accessories for babies and younger children (boys and girls).
Maddie & Sayara are from very different cultures and meet while on holiday. They quickly forge a close friendship as they discover their similarities; their families, attitudes, dreams and hopes. Their time together is cut short when Sayara is called home because her favorite cousin is unexpectedly jailed by powerful forces. Maddie is both surprised and shocked and resolves to help Sayara free her spirited cousin, Themi, from jail. Maddie wonders why girls are treated differently just because of where they are born. Nave but hopeful Maddie cannot understand why her friends should live within unequal and unfair rules, and she is determined to fix the problem. Stealthily arriving in Sayaras home kingdom, Maddie finds she is less prepared than she thought to navigate local powerful forces, culture, and unfair rules. With the help of a local family, Maddie finds Sayara and Themi. But can Maddie & Sayara persuade the king to change the unfair rules against women? - Author Sanjyot Dunung
Im Sandy Rideout, the author of comic fiction for adults and teens. My latest series of heartwarming romantic comedies takes place in a quirky but quaint town where the dogs always steal the spotlight. Expect several books in the coming months. Meanwhile, please take a look around the site to learn more.
C'est un site destin aux jeunes filles, la mode, style de vie.
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