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Adwa Times is created and managed by professionals who understand about world politics, culture, arts and science and technology. We will bring you news, views, analysis and commentary directly to your smart phones, Ipad or computers. Adwa Times will mainly focus to East Africa and particularly to Ethiopia. But also we will have our own views and analysis to world events. Adwa Times is named after most popular small town in Tigray, Ethiopia. Adwa is significant as a birth place of the founder of this web site and it is also significant for many historians in the world. Many Ethiopians pride themselves telling the history of Adwa. There are many who believe Adwa is a pride of Africans. For us the history of Adwa is not for Ethiopians only , it is not for black Africans only either. It is a symbol for any one who fight for freedom and particularly it is a symbol for any nation or people who fought against colonialism or any sort of dominance. Adwa is therefore a pride m
ANADUU is a social network that serves the cryptocurrency trading community.
Internetowa Baza Kodw - znajdziesz wszystkie niezbdne ci kdy. Od kodw pocztowych poprzez numery kierunkowe, PKD, PKWiU, urzdw skarbowych, ZUS i inne.
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Circuito Social es una revista social con lo ms interesante, lo ms divertido, lo ms actual y con todo lo que acontece da a da, como por ejemplo: una boda, obtener un ttulo escolar, un viaje, un trofeo en algn deporte, una exposicin pictrica o cualquier otra actividad o evento; consejos en moda, tendencias, cultura, diversin, destinos, salud, belleza, y por qu no? sugerencias sobre dnde y cmo disfrutar, y sacar el mximo provecho de un estilo de vida vanguardista, logrando un punto de encuentro entre los que tienen mucho que mostrar y ofrecer, y los que buscan lo nuevo y diferente. Misin En Circuito Social estamos comprometidos con cada uno de nuestros anunciantes y lectores a travs de nuestros productos y servicios tanto impresos como digitales. Nuestro objetivo es ser una revista que marque un estilo de vida moderno y vanguardista, que se refleja en los rostros, gustos y hbitos de la sociedad actual. Visin Ser un medio publicitario lder con el mejor y m
Hate Free News Zone Hosted by Bruce K. Evans
Congo Austria News is a News-Site which has the main objective is to manage and publish information on the world in general, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular; In addition to its main goal, Congo Austria News is also intended to promote of the Austrian Culture and Congolese; Congo Austria News, through its web Site for information: identifies and publishes the information in attractive sectors to encourage investment, the R.D. Congo, the Republic of Austria and the remains of the world. Its headquarters is located in Vienna, capital of the Republic of Austria.
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CRYPTONIAM a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency market research organisation. Our philosophy is to produce accurate data driven technical analysis!!
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